Why Should You Opt For Mercedes-Benz Service?

Mercedes-Benz car owners are suggested to visit an authorized dealer offering Mercedes service instead of taking the supercar to any mechanic. Per the manufacturer’s guidelines-the service interval of any Mercedes is set for 15,000 kilometers or once a year. In the midst, if your vehicle has any issues regarding the engine or other part-drive in to a Mercedes service center for various reasons that we’re about to discuss in the following—

A team of qualified experts

Mercedes hires qualified and trained expert mechanics for their service centers. Along with their prior expertise, they are trained a certified based on which they are given the responsibility of servicing the cars. As the mechanics are well versed with repairing Mercedes cars, bringing your vehicle to them is always better for their expertise.

Complementary refreshment

As you wait for the car to get fixed or serviced, you’ll be welcomed by the employees to relax in the lounger and have the free snacks and coffee as much as you want. Globally, Mercedes offer similar services to their eminent customers.

Genuine parts

At the authorized service centers of Mercedes, they use the genuine parts. In terms of longevity and safety, using these parts is always a good idea. If you ask an ordinary mechanic for servicing the vehicle, he might end up using the non-branded parts which can later on cause harm to the car. When you own a prestigious vehicle like Mercedes, you should drive in to the certified service center for the genuine spare parts or accessories used for Mercedes-Benz cars.

Health checkup of the car

At the end of every service, the mechanics undergo a thorough monitoring of the car’s health. This is a complimentary service that helps owners get the data of the actual present health of the vehicle. During this process, often the mechanics detect serious trouble in anywhere in the car. If they think it can be solved in some time they’ll fix the issue instantly, otherwise- they ask the owners to keep the vehicle for a certain time in the workshop where they can fix the issue and improve the performance of the vehicle.

Service A

The Service A type includes the cleaning of AC system, changing engine oil and cleaning filters, brake test, checking fluid levels, checking tier inflation pressure, vehicle reception protocol etc.

Service B

In the Service B section, all the Service A facilities are available. But in addition to that it includes the checking of the exteriors.

These are a few reasons you should opt for Mercedes-Benz service.

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