Important Things You Should Consider When Purchasing A Used Jet Ski

If you have been thinking of buying a used Jet Ski, then you need to consult several resources to equip yourself with as much technical knowledge. This will save you from an ignorant purchase.

Don’t invest in a 2-Stroke Jet Ski

This is the very important suggestion to people, who have buying a sea-doo usagé on their mind. The reason why two stroke engine should not be considered is that they are phased out from the market. They produce much more pollution as compared to four-stroke engines.

Another reason is that, due to its reduced production, there are very fewer chances of finding their parts on the market. Both of these factors make it quite clear that investing in a two stroke JetSki will be a waste of money.

Don’t pay so much attention to the engine hours

Though the label on the Jet Ski states that the machine is capable of working for 300 hours. At first, this number can seem less but in reality, 300 hours are more than enough. A normal Jet Skis can easily run for more than 300 hours.

There are a few things on which the extent of its working depends, such as the shape of the watercraft, the pump, the compression, and the hull. For extended enjoyment, it is very important to take good care of your Jet Ski and keep it in the best working state.

Watch out for damages

As the previous owner of the machine was using it, a used Jet Ski may have some damages on it. You need to ensure the type and extent of damages present on your machine. This will give you an indication of how much service or repair work is required to be done and how much will it cost to you.

One of the common areas of damage is its seat. If there are slight tears on seat, then it can be repaired. Real problem is when you find large chunks of material on seat to be missing. In such cases, seat cover can help you out to replace your old seat. Along with seat, perform a thorough check on the exterior and interior of the machine for damages.


Sometimes a dealership focusses on a specific unit to sell it quickly. It is not always going to meet your requirements in the best way. Gaining adequate knowledge about the product will help you with a satisfactory purchase.

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