History Of Mercedes-Benz AMG

As a teenager, Hans Werner Aufrecht dreamt that one day he will build Mercedes racing cars and when he got employment in Mercedes-Benz, he thought he is going to fulfill his long-cherished dream. However, his dream was shattered when the company withdrew all kinds of racing cars from their product range.

Anybody else in his position would have accepted this and got busy in building road cars, but not a person like Aufrecht. He got a support of another colleague named as Erhard Melcher and they designed the engine, whose power was raised from 170 bhp to 238 bhp. In 1965 his car was driven by Manfred Schiek and won 10 rounds in car championship.

Soon the company was flooded with order for faster Mercedes, finally in the year 1967 both these gentlemen decided to quit from Mercedes and set up their own workshop. The combination of Aufrecht, Melcher and the hometown of Aufrecht, Groβaspach gave rise to AMG.

Business started growing and that forced Mercedes to come out with more highly tuned road cars however AMG could take lots of share of the market. By 1971 they could come out with 428 bhp race car with 6.8-liter model.

Business started growing and by 1976 the company wanted more space and hence they moved from Groβaspach to Affalterbach, and the company is still operating from this location.

By the mid 1980, AMG became a recognized company and not only they modified their earlier models but also started coming up with many other varieties too. In 1986 AMG became a global company with their model ‘The Hammer’.

In 1990 the relationship between Mercedes and AMG was formalized and with this relationship and AMG Mercedes was born. With this relationship Mercedes recognized the credibility of AMG and they could sell their cars with warranties given by Mercedes. Also, Mercedes and AMG started designing new products together.

After the merger of these two companies many new versions of cars started appearing in the market. Now every Mercedes car has an AMG version too and buyers have a more choice to compare two versions and pick their choice.

Now they are going to be the rival of any of the best car ever produced in the world. Next year they are planning to launch their new vehicle which is going to compete with Porsche 911, which is a one of the iconic sports car of the world. It is not easy to be the rival of such famous race car but when men and women of Affalterbach is determined then who can stop them.